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Updates for Jan 10th, 2022

Hey all, a few important updates for this week:

Aldas, our silent reader has left Five South. I don’t think any of you ever met him and I only talked to him once, but he read consistently every week for 8 months! But life changes and it was time for him to move on.

On that note, we now have a spot open for a fiction reader. If you know someone who is looking for a reading position at a journal, send them our way.

Submissions close on Friday. We'll have ONE month to get through the remainder of the slush - or as much as humanly possible. Please read as much as you can. We're officially in Issue 4 production mode so this is all hands on deck. Everyone: Let me know where you're at - so I can make sure everything is covered. Issue 4 launches - March 15th

Editorial Meeting for Issue 4 - February 16th

Thanks everyone! I'm around and working. See you on Slack :)

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