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Getting started at Five South...

I'm so glad you'll be joining us! Welcome to Five South! 

  1. Please sign our NDA. You will receive a link to sign from Adobe Acrobat.

  2. Fill out this form for our confidential files:

  3. Look for invites to our productivity apps and staff portals in your email. When you receive them, sign up, and log in.

  4. Once you’ve logged into Threads (the chat app), say hello and introduce yourself in the Announce channel. 

  5. You be assigned a Reader Buddy - someone on the team in your department who will act as a point person for questions and make contact with. I'll make the intros when you sign into Threads.

  6. We require you complete an online orientation and training to begin reading. It should take about an hour and can be done at your own pace. 

The Five South Universe and Productivity Apps


Check your email for invites.


You'll find a reader course here on our staff portal. Enroll in the course and complete it as soon as possible. 

ClickUp – This is where we accept submissions and coordinate tasks and projects. Our staff Knowledge Base lives here. You will be given access to ClickUp right away, but won't receive access to incoming submissions until you complete the reader training.  


Our Knowledge Base lives on ClickUp and is a series of nested documents containing answers to questions, video walk-thrus, and lots more. I suggest you spend some time poking around. 

Threads - Our main online chat app and staff social hub. You will receive an invite.

Google Calendar - You will be added to our Google Calendar so you can see important dates. All staff meetings happen in Google Meet. Links will be in the calendar events. 

Editors: You will be invited to our shared editorial calendar in Trello. 

Asking questions and communication are a big part of our culture. We're all here to help each other learn and grow. I am always available to answer questions and chat. The quickest method is via Threads. 

I'm so glad you've joined our team! Have fun!

Sincerely, Kristen Simental

Founder, Publisher


You can always DM me on Threads or send me an email at

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